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Oh what a fabulous find! Salvador Dali and Walt Disney started to work together on a cartoon back in 1946 called DESTINO. The six-minute short follows the love story of Chronos and the ill-fated love he has for a mortal female. The story continues as the female dances through surreal scenery inspired by Dalí’s paintings. Someone picked it up and dusted off and the short version was released in 2003. I love love love it!! It’s truly one of life’s little known treasures! The official press release states:

Destino began in 1946 as a collaboration between Walt Disney and the famed surrealist painter Salvador Dali. A first-hand example of Disney’s interest in avant garde and experimental work in animation, Destino was to be awash with Dali’s iconic melting clocks, marching ants and floating eyeballs. However, Destino was not completed at that time. In 2003 it was rediscovered by Walt’s nephew, Roy E. Disney, who took on the challenge of bringing the creation of these two great artists to fruition. In addition to the completed Destino, this exciting addition to the Walt Disney Treasures line also includes an all-new feature-length documentary that examines the surprising partnership between Dali and Disney plus two new featurettes; “The Disney That Almost Was,” an examination of the studio’s unfinished projects; and “Encounters with Walt,” which addresses the surprisingly diverse group of celebrities and artists who were attracted to Walt Disney’s early work.

The DVD is due to be released in 2010, until than, enjoy:


this is my december
this is my time of the year
this is my december
this is all so clear

this is my december
this is my snow covered home
this is my december
this is me alone

this is my december
these are my snow covered dreams
this is me pretending
this is all i need

Linkin Park: My december lyrics

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Love this new video of the Plastiscines!!!


I wanna dance with somebody, dance with somebody….. And If i was in Barcelona I’d definately Rock it out for Mando Diao tomorrow night!!!

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Talking about Vicky Cristina Barcelona I remembered the enchanting song that starts off and sets the mood in the movie. The song Barcelona was recorded by Giulia y los Tellarini, a little known local indie band. Can you think of a song more perfect for the movie or more perfectly fitting to Barcelona??? And have you ever seen the official videoclip? Olleeee

Porque tanto perderse tanto buscARSE sin encontrARSE
me encierran los muros de todas partes
Barcelona te esta’s equivocANDO no puedes seguir ignorANDO
que el mundo sea otra cOSA y volar como maripOSA.
Barcelona hace un calor que me deja
fri’a por dentro con este vicio de vivir mintiendo
que bonito seria tu mAR si supiera yo nadAR.
Barcelona Y mientras esta’ llena de cara de gENTE extranjera,
CONOCIDA, desCONOCIDA ? y vuelta a ser transparENTE.
No insisto ma’s Barcelona _____
si no es cosa de tus ritos (o gritos?) tu laberinto extrovertido.
No he encontrado la rAZO’N porque me duele el corAZO’N
porque es tan fuerte que so’lo podre’ vivIRTE en la distancia
y escribIRTE una canciO’N.
Te quiero Barcelona
( male chorus: ellas en el poder ellas en el poder)


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