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Here is a tiny post I wanted to put together for ages! A list of the best/most known immobiliaria websites in Spain /BCN. Let me know if I left out something you feel should be on the list!

And I recommend this article on how to get a flat in Spain…

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Jeremy gave me one of my very first comments on this blog and i’ll always be very thankful for that! 😉 Not to metion that FromBarcelona is one of my favourite blogs and is on my daily must read list!! Jeremy recently published a collection of short stories about Barcelona and the book is now available  on Amazon US & UK. I can’t wait to read it and will definately put it on my Xmas shopping list for my Barcelona aficionada friends!! Check out Amazon’s description below! Well Done Jeremy!

One Unique City, Ten Revealing Stories… A contemporary collection of short stories inspired by Barcelona, its history, its legends and its people including: First Impressions: Exploring the metro, Las Ramblas and the labyrinthine alleys of the Barrio Gotico you go in search of an elusive Spanish beauty in a white dress and meet a gruff book seller who introduces you to the legend behind the city. Senyor Jordi i el Drac: In this quirky retelling of the classic story of Saint George, an old knight and his squire battle a bat-winged beast, saving a village and a princess, on their way from to the kingdom of Barcelona where their friend, Don Quixote, awaits. A Book for A Rose: Meet Johnny – a long term American expat who wonders if it will be the first Sant Jordi the sun doesn’t shine – and Elena – the Spanish beauty who breaks his heart, giving him something more valuable than romance in the process. CSI Barcelona: The death of an English man has Dr. Josep Caldet searching for the killer. His investigation uncovers a hidden underworld that lurks beneath the beautiful city as he discovers the price some are willing to pay to live in Barcelona. Running the Gauntlet: A motley crew of locals and expats decide to take back Barcelona’s streets from the pickpockets and thieves. They grab a drink or two along the way, in some of the city’s most famous bars, before the night ends with a bang. The Crypt of Colonia Güell: Barcelona’s most famous architect, Antoni Gaudí, is being crushed by his designs for La Sagrada Familia until his benefactor, Eusebio Güell, offers him a commission that challenges their friendship. Barcelona Gothic: Based on true events, Urquinaona 4 is a mysterious building located in the famed L’Eixample district of the city where its newest tenant, Alex, soon discovers that the cheap rent and great room comes at a terrifying price. …From Barcelona offers a fresh and unique literary perspective on this popular Catalan city, while fulfilling the interested visitor’s desire for information about places to go and things to see. Described as “City-Lit” by the author, the goal of this book is to entertain, inform and inspire you to live and breathe your own Barcelona adventure.

Genious Barcelonian blogger From Barcelona (Jeremy) captured the autumn beauty of the city so perfectly, i just had to quote him (for the full post check out his blog!)…. Thanks!!!!


“October’s coming to an end and I’m a little sad to see it go. It tends to be my favorite month in the city. The heat and humidity of summer is gone and the rains of September have finished, for the most part. The weather’s perfect: warm enough to still sit out side during the day but usually with a breeze; at night a light jacket or a sweater suffices. There’s this lazy haze in the air and it just seems everything’s moving at half speed from the people to the cars to your brain. Walking around the different neighborhoods, you see the way the sun hits the buildings and brings out all the different shades of colors, giving them an almost painting-like feel.”

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Monday morning… hello! I found some very useful working/living in Spain articles on the Expat Blog which i thought i’ll share with you!

Boring? Maybe… Useful? VERY…(hopefully ;))


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I remember one hot summer afternoon i spent in Park Guell but other than that Gracia did not make a huge impression on me. Now looking at all the recommendations all over the web it sounds to be the place to be! I’ll definately check it out! New home… maybe! 😀

This district, an ancient village enclosed in Barcelona’s city centre is a favourite. Shops, retro and trendy boutiques, nice restaurants, bars and cafés, charming little squares… Take it easy & enjoy a sunny nap or a shady coffee.Musicians, designers and artists of all sorts have made this Bohemian neighbourhood one the nicest in Barcelona. For those who are after the real Barcelona. Ideal location for longer stays.

  • Plaza del Sol, Rius i Taulet, de la Virreina : bars, restaurants, terraces.
  • Carrer Gran de Gracia : Belle Epoque buildings.
  • Cinéma Verdi : for cinema lovers.
  • Parc Güell : close to Gracia, a phantasmagoric park by Gaudi.

Couple sitting on rooftop terrace, woman on man's lap

  • Festa Major : 8 days of fiesta, mid-August.



One of the reasons why i started this blog was that i found very few blogs/websites on Barcelona by expats for expats. Nevertheless i did stumble upon a couple of interesting ones which are on my daily BCN reading list 😉 ENJOY and don’t forget to leave me your favourite BCN sites, blogs…. etc in comments, i’ll make sure to feature them in BCN/Blogosphere Part 2!

MINIGUIDE  Discover what’s up in Barcelona! One of my favourite BCN sites so far!

OH Barcelona has lots of good tips on entertainment and local BCN event! Check it out!

FROM Barcelona gives a really good insight to real expat life in BCN

Barcelona Photo Blog beautiful pictures, intersting insights, definately worth a visit!

Mental Irrigation totally chic! totally mental in the good sense 😉 live from BCN!

 Orange Polka Dot A published writer and mummy, living in Barcelona with frequent updates on daily life, cultural happenings and children related topics

TO BE CONTINUED….. Young woman sitting on bench by books using laptop, smiling

I’ve been thinking long and hard on the first post on my soon to be sweetest waste of time! (Hence it took me three tries to get the name right! :))I am a fan and soon to be citizen of the greatest city on Earth, Barcelona. I’m preparing on my big move and although there are no concrete plans so far, i know i will land in BCN and will have a blast of a life there! Join me in preparing for the big move, looking up on all the knowledge the net and the blogosphere has to offer and collecting all that there is to know about expat life in BCN!!!
I hope that one day i can put this quote on my about page: 😉
“I live in a city open to the sea, kind to the visitor, with beaches, with wild boars, with a Sònar Festival; I live in a city made of the sum of little towns and of big cultures; I live in a modernist / contemporary / modern / ancient / gothic city; I live in the city of design, of art, of Mrs. Rose, of the bravas potatoes, of the bulding works in Lesseps Sq.; I live in the Eixample, in the Montbau, in the Guineueta, in Diputació St., I live in Barcelona”.
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